The Difference Between

Dog Behavior Modification & Dog Obedience Training

Jumping up, pulling on the lead, biting, mouthing, nipping, inappropriate toileting, aggression towards dogs, food aggression, aggression towards family members, pack aggression, stranger aggression, fear aggression, inattentiveness (dogs that won’t listen), poor recall (dogs that won’t come back when called), destructive behaviors, chasing cats, horses and livestock, over exuberance, nuisance barking, crying, yelping, howling, separation anxiety, digging, escaping, chewing, hyperactivity, item obsession, phobias or general disobedience.

Whatever your dog training requirements are, rest assured that our Bark Busters dog trainers can deal with any problem. Any dog, any age, whatever the issue, do not despair – Bark Busters can help!


Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in-home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur because it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. Bark Busters can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.


Ryanne has been a such a gift to me and my 2 year old adopted Shitzu, Ollie. Until we met, Ollie was not housebroken, jumped on me and everyone he met, nipped like crazy, pulled and ran all over […]

Joan | Apple Valley

I’ve been trying to figure out how to give more than 5 stars but Google seems pretty particular. Suffice it to say Bark Busters, and Omar in particular, are MIRACLE WORKERS. 3 year old CUJO dog that […]

Lindsay | Elko New Market

The change over three sessions has been incredible. Ryanne has been a joy to work with. Still more work to do...mostly on changing the humans. […]

Christina | Maplewood

I highly recommend training with Bark Busters. Ryanne has helped us tremendously with our two year old dog. He was definitely acting as “leader of the pack” around our house. The methods Ryanne […]

Nancy | St. Paul

Ryanne and Omar have 100% changed my life! Before Bark Busters I was told that I would have to put my dog down or give him away because of his aggression. Now he’s happy and everyone else in my […]

Lauren | Zumbrota

We have a large (50+ lbs.) 7-month-old German Shephard. Big dog but he is still a puppy (Teddy). After an initial consultation with Ryanne to discuss the behavioral issues that we were having, she was […]

Judith | Lakeville

After just one session I noticed a huge change in my dogs behavior and felt like I had a variety of tools to support my dog. Ryanne is knowledgeable and friendly. She makes herself available for […]

Alissa | Eagan

I cannot say enough good things about Ryanne and Bark Busters! The training, support and guidance that Ryanne has provided for us and our dog Coco has truly changed our family! Our rescue dog Coco was […]

Louise | Lakeville

We enlisted Bark Busters to help with our 4 year old lab mix who was getting a bit too territorial about the yard. Ryanne and Omar were great in helping us recognize the signs of escalating behaviors […]

Tracy | Eagan

We rescued our dog, Rutabaga, when she was about 1 year old, and she's now 7.5. We've always had issues with barking, and now that we are expecting a baby, we decided we needed to do more than just […]

Diane | St. Paul

Omar Bark Busters! Bar None! I hv a puppy growing to b a big big dog. His behaviors from being a rescue pup needed to be changed asap as he would be around babies & toddlers. (For our experience, […]

Julie | Saint Paul, Washington

Absolutely life changing!! Being able to understand why are dogs were barking so much and behaving they way they did, and then be able to communicate in an effective manner to them was incredible. We […]

Greta | Inver Grove Heights

We were at 6 months with our new puppy and she was as lawless as could be (jumping on people, barking at every little noise, counter surfing, pulling on the leash). We tried treats for training and […]

Aaron | Rosemount

I'm so glad we chose Bark Busters! After taking my now 1 yr old GSD to basic training at 4 months at 7 months he started not following commands any more etc! Plus barking at every one. We love […]

Donna | Bellechester

Amazing! We have a beagle who has some severe anxiety. We tried as many routes as we could before barkbusters to no avail. I was starting to wonder if I was just an unfit pet mom. In a few sessions […]

Katie | St. Paul Park

The results we got in just the first lesson are amazing. Our barky , scared and aggressive terrier seems like a different dog. Very easy to implement and couldn’t be more impressed with Omar and […]

Shaun | Woodbury

Ryanne is an amazing dog trainer! She has an incredible ability to connect with dogs and teach them new behaviors. She is patient, kind, and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that both […]

Jacob | Lakeville
Mac & Jamie

We adopted a 5-month Dachshund mix rescue a month ago and our little Kylo would go from being insanely cute & sweet, to a terrible terrier...especially after a walk. And those baby teeth are sharp! […]

Mac & Jamie | Rosemount

Working with Ryanne has been life changing! We rescued our second dog and we having significant trouble adjusting to life with her. Some days truly felt unmanageable. We have seen such an improvement […]

Kristina | Rochester

We are only 3 weeks in with our training, and have already seen a world of difference. I would recommend Bark Busters Dog Training to anyone, in fact, we have already recommended the brand to someone […]

Jessica | Owatonna

Very pleased with the initial session with Omar. Immediate results and proven to be effective so far. Lots of work ahead for us, but I am optimistic and confident we will be able to train our dog and […]

Lydia | Apple Valley

Bark Busters is amazing!!! After just one session our two dogs were walking on a leash without pulling. We have now had three sessions, and my dogs are different puppies. Ryanne is available for any […]

Tonya | Maplewood

First day of training and the dogs are finally not rushing the door when someone tries to come in. […]

Paul | Woodbury

I'm amazed at the amount of progress that we made in just a single day with the guidance and direction of Ryanne. Our two Lab mix puppies, Bella and Siouxsie, (6-1/2 months) have never been more […]

Ian | Burnsville

It’s unbelievable what we witnessed on Day ONE!! Ryanne taught us how and why we need to speak dog. It’s day two and Lilly is responding very well to the training. I love that we didn’t have to […]

R | Apple Valley

Very good results with out a lot of complicated commands. Our little mini Schnauzer is making good progress from the initial training that Omar provided on his first visit. It was quite remarkable to […]

Dave | Eagan

Wondering what to do about your dog? You love your pup but maybe training is a bit off and you feel like your pup is just not “ trainable” you have started to just accept the way it is .. you […]

Rose | Farmington, Dakota

I can’t say enough amazing things about Bark Busters -especially Ryanne. Her confidence, knowledge, and skill exudes out of her. Her love and respect of dogs is evident in the way she teaches us […]

Usa | Apple Valley

I highly recommend Bark Busters. Omar came to my home this morning and thoroughly trained me how to respond to my dogs. I have seen nothing but, great results since he left. This training really […]

Jennifer | Burnsville

Ryanne was amazing with my two dogs. She wad very patient with me and my children and my mom going over the training and demonstrating how to do them correctly I would highly recommend bark busters. I […]

Amy | Apple Valley

Omar was fantastic with our shy puppy. He gave us solid advice that gave us results right away. I'm looking forward to working with him more in the future. […]

Ann | Elko New Market

Today was our first session with Omar. We have known for a while that our dog Kona is a very nervous, anxious, and reactive dog. But it wasn’t until working with Omar did we realize that Kona was […]

Amanda | Hastings

I’ve been impressed with the BarkBusters approach toward behavior training. Ryanne, our consultant has been great to work with. Very knowledgeable and available for us when we have questions, need a […]

Aaron | Inver Grove Heights

My dog has recently begun to act aggressively towards new guests in our home, not biting exactly, but kind of nipping and barking at them. We thought we have tried everything when it comes to […]

Aryka | Saint Paul

We have a German Sheppard who has a history of biting. The last time she bit was random and on another one of our pets in which they have been together for years. We feared for our baby and that she […]

Morgan | Lakeville

Like others, we have two dogs and were at wits end. Both dogs are rescues and our younger dog is very anxious and reactive. We could not walk them down the street without them barking howling and […]

Christine | Rosemount, Dakota

We want to thank Omar for all the training he has helped us with our dog Remy. We are very pleased with everything you taught us. Remy is doing very well and getting better every week. It’s so nice […]

Tina | Eagan

Can’t thank Ryanne enough. She came right away when I need someone the most. She’s helped me feel confident in my training with Luna. I definitely see a difference within two weeks. Luna is less […]

Cielo | St. Paul

Bark Busters has helped immensely with our two reactive rescue dogs! Even after the first training session, our 3 year-old dog showed marked improvement. For example, when I took him on a walk the […]

M.T. | Rochester, Olmsted

My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how quick our 5.5 yo and 3.5 yo pups took to their new skills. We hired Bark Busters to help us with barking, jumping, and walking. Our initial lesson […]

Karen | Lakeville

I reached out to Bark Busters in search of some training for my German Shepherd, Ozzy. Omar is our trainer and we’ve been working together for about a month now. Omar is a great trainer and person! […]

Kaitlin | Oakdale

We cannot say enough about this training program! We saw results right away! It’s only day (4) and we have a happier, calm and lovable dog!!!! Everyday, we are in awe of the changes. Much happier […]

Sandy | Rosemount

Bark Busters has performed miracles with our three dogs, two 6 years old Lab mixes and a one year old Blue Heeler mix puppy. Yess, all rescues. Ryanne has been extremely patient in customizing our […]

Kathy | St. Paul

We had great results with our energetic dog. He (our dog) was very receptive to the techniques and approach. The results were immediate. The trainer was courteous, friendly, professional, informative […]

Gordon | Red Wing

Ryanne has been so helpful and patient with Myron and myself. He is a rescue, reactive, and aggressive looking towards others. Myron bit a stranger and I was desperate for help so he could stay with […]

Jane | Zumbrota

I saw improvements with Barney after our first visit with Ryanne! I'm excited to learn more and to continue the training with Barney. Thanks Ryanne! […]

Lisa | St. Paul Park

Paul and Bark Busters have been great to work with. Great communication to get started. Face to face training with owners and dog(s) very helpful. Thorough explanation and hands on instruction. […]

Jeff | Farmington, Dakota

Omar has been amazing with helping us tame these two wild beasts! We didn't know either puppy's past but we knew it wasn't good since they were both dog reactive and scared of new people. Omar helped […]

Kauri | Burnsville

My dog Romi is a 1.5 year old Sheltie who is extremely reactive to the tiniest sound or smallest movement, specifically cars. We have done typical training classes and even 1 on 1 training with a […]

Shelby | Burnsville

Bark Busters, specifically Ryanne Jasmin, has helped train us and our dog in a very clear and specific manner. The methods are easy, respectful and consistent. This has resulted in a happier and more […]

Deborah | Saint Paul, Ramsey

I have three dogs, one with very high anxiety who can become quite destructive, one who wouldn’t listen and was quite needy and the third a very large mastiff mix who is extremely aggressive to the […]

Joelene | Farmington, Dakota

I have had 2 sessions now with Ryanne and my puppy has already made MAJOR improvements. Worth every penny! […]

Brianna | St. Paul

We adopted 2 Morkies 10 years ago. They were liter mates and had been together all their lives. Sammy has always had some separation anxiety but as long as he had Gideon, he was ok. Well, Gideon […]

Sara | Rosemount

We got our dog Luna from the shelter and she had many issues with distractions, listening and pulling on the leash. We were close to giving up. Omar has helped us greatly by teaching us the techniques […]

George | Burnsville

Absolutely could not be happier! Dilly was extremely dog aggressive. We had tried so many ways to correct this - dog trainers, snacks, muzzles - nothing worked. When we moved to an apartment earlier […]

Beth | Eagan

We are very please with the progress we have made with our two dogs in a short amount of time with Bark Busters. Our past experience has been with senior dogs that are often very docile. When we […]

Laurie | Rochester

We have loved our Bark Busters experience, and can’t recommend this team highly enough! We called because two of our dogs were fighting, but their teaching and tips have completely improved the […]

Caitlin | Cannon Falls, Goodhue

We are so thankful for Ryanne and Bark Busters. Before meeting Ryanne we were at a loss on how to help our new rescue. She was biting at clothes and trying to destroy our furniture. Now we have a […]

Marisa | Woodbury

I was extremely surprised with the way my dog responded to the training. It is an odd way to train but works very effectively. I would highly recommend Bark Busters. The price is quite high and wish I […]

Jill | Hager City

We adopted an adorable 5 month old puppy, Kevin, in late December. We have raised dogs before, but a puppy was a first for us. It was clear to us early on that we needed an expert’s help with […]

Judy | Lakeville

Working with Ryanne at Bark Busters has been a game changer for our pack. After adding a fourth dog to our pack the balance was thrown off and leadership was tested. Ryanne taught us how to become the […]

Jennifer | Lakeville

It was like a miracle...I could not believe how well my terrible dog could behave. It helped me change the way I perceived my dogs ability to learn; I was hopeless and thinking of giving her away. I […]

Marty | Red Wing, Goodhue

Before placing my dog into this program, my dog was very aggressive. She used to bark when guests knocked at the door and even went so far as biting a loved one. But now after training with Bark […]

Edgar | Burnsville

We came to work with Paul from Bark Busters after my Australian shepherd starting having some territorial behaviors in the house towards our younger golden retriever. This was becoming a scary feeling […]

Elle | Apple Valley

Our adorable 6-month-old Newfoundland, Odin was showing extreme separation anxiety. It became very challenging for my husband and I to leave the house without having Odin cry and whine, it was […]

Teresa | Eagan

I adopted a rescue puppy in March for my special needs son. He loves animals and we have always had a dog until our last one was hit by a car and passed on. That was very traumatic for both of us […]

Heather | Saint Paul, Ramsey
Doug & Jessie

I have to say I was unsure if how training a dog would go without using treats “bribes” or physical contact. But after a single training session with Paul our little guy has shown tremendous […]

Doug & Jessie | Oakdale

Our labs Ziva (2 yrs) and Zoe (18 mo), have been running wild, not responding to commands and even getting aggressive with each other and other dogs. We reached out to Ryanne at Bark Busters for help. […]

Gregg | Woodbury

It's amazing what a few short hours can accomplish when the right techniques are used! Chapo and Hulk made tremendous progress the 1st night of our appointment, and daily practice is really sinking […]

Jorge | Eagan

Ryanne was wonderful! We interviewed countless dog trainers, audited a number of classes and NO ONE compared to her approach and technique. She truly understands the behavior of dogs and 'speaks their […]

Dave | Burnsville, Dakota

Ryanne was such a help with our sweet ,giant Bruno. Within literal minutes he was responding to the ‘Bark Buster call”! She has been encouraging and responsive in follow up. We couldn’t be […]

Kathleen | Mendota Heights

Omar came over last night to help our family out w/ our Frenchie, Snooze. We've researched many techniques prior to calling Omar; however, we had no idea what he started teaching us to do. He didn't […]

Suzanne | Apple Valley, Dakota

Ryanne has been great to work with on several issues we have had with Wilson, including leash work and greeting people at the door. We can call or text her anytime for help. Our training sessions with […]

Kristin | Apple Valley

I was walking our dog, Edna, in Woodbury one day and saw a Bark Busters truck in front of my neighbors home. I went home and immediately Googled the company as Edna’s barking (among other habits) […]

Christine | Rochester, Olmsted

Not long after adopting my dog Russel I noticed he had bad separation anxiety, I couldn't leave him anywhere by himself for more than a minute. I wasn't sure what to do about it and I couldn't seem to […]

Luke | Hastings

Prior to Omar and Ryanne working with me, my dog was overly concerned with "answering" the door when guest would come to visit. Typical behavior began with barking when the doorbell rang and once the […]

Scott | Apple Valley

My husband and I are so grateful for Ryanne & Omar’s assistance with our 10 year old bichon. They helped us learn how to communicate effectively with our dog, Abby. Prior to Their visit, Abby's […]

Monica | Farmington, Dakota

Paul helped me reintegrate my pack of 3 dogs and allowed me to continue fostering dogs safely as well. My original issue (I thought) was my big 70lb Ginny attacking our 27lb dog and a foster. We were […]

Erin | Cannon Falls, Goodhue

Bark Buster's methods work as long as the humans do the work and are consistent. They teach you methods to work with your dog that will almost seem like magic. Paul in particular has been great in […]

Sarah | Lonsdale, Rice

Paul transformed our dogs! We have two wonderful 75lb rescue Pitbulls and our youngest, Sir, became very protective and aggressive with visitors after the birth of our first child. Sir would bark […]

Amanda | Cottage Grove

I have spent hundreds of dollars with other dog training, Puppy 1, 2 and Adult 1 class. He learned tricks but they didn't teach obedience at all! After 1 training session with Bark Busters I have the […]

Virginia | Apple Valley, Dakota

We are so pleased we contacted Paul Jasmin with Bark Busters. His professionalism is outstanding, he gives guidance and support not only for our dog (Murphy) but just as important, us! We are very […]

Roger | Apple Valley

Paul is great! We rescued Trooper in early September. As with any rescued dog, Trooper had a tough background even though he was only-at most-a year old. The biggest issue we have is that […]

Thomas | Lakeville
Lew and Joan

Paul is a fantastic trainer. We immediately saw progress with our dog. His style and demeanor are perfect for training dogs and dog owners. […]

Lew and Joan | Burnsville

Our trainer was Paul Jasmin and admittedly I was skeptical at first. However, Paul quickly showed me he was extremely qualified to help me get my dogs under control. He showed me what to do, let me […]

Mike | Eagan

Paul has met with us for two training sessions. He was very professional in listening to my one year old lab's (and 11 year old standard poodle's) behavior issues and in explaining and demonstrating […]

Cate | Apple Valley

Paul provided us with great training advice. He explained the way a dog thinks and responds. This has helped us work with Maggie and make our experience of owning a puppy so much better. The props […]

Peggy | Faribault